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KALCIO Products delivers solutions for data-entry and your professional work station. These are high-quality materials that are used in a working environment where heavy demands are placed on hygiene and safety, such as hospital, operating room, laboratory and also the production environment for medicines and (baby) food.


KALCIO Healthcare supports and advises hospitals in safety, quality and efficiency. This work is carried out by interim team leaders and project managers.

Can you clean keyboards?

During a project about hygiene and safety, the question was asked: we have filthy keyboards. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Research showed that medical keyboards were available, but these keyboards did not meet the user needs. During a visit to the HIMSS in Las Vegas (USA) 2012, we discovered Indukey medical keyboards. Indukey keyboards are certified and comply with the IP68 quality standards, which stands for waterproof and dustproof. After consultation with Indukey, we have become the only partner in the Netherlands for medical signboards.

KALCIO Products was founded to make knowledge and solutions about hand hygiene accessible and to deliver solutions such as a medical keyboard and medical laser mouse.

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Karel Loerts